Thursday, August 4, 2016

August 1 - My last change

alright sooo... first things first. Today we received changes :) MY last change in the mission :) IM GOING TO BE A FATHER. Im going to train a brand new missionary :) Idont know who or where hes from or even his name. I wont meet him until tomorrow. But the name of Elder Bradburn will live on! haha :)

alright.. well.. jumping into my last week with my current comp... Sorry i havent been writing the last few weeks. Im getting tired and writing emails takes a lot of energy xD 

Monday- we spent the day painting our bishops hou8se :) It was super fun. they also let us use their washer and dryer to wash our clothes :) they are such a cool family. 

that night we went to Luizs house, and we found out hes living with his girlfriend :/ so we will see how that goes. We are going to teach him again tonight and talk about the law of chastity. 

Tuesday- me and Elder Miller did a combined District Meeting... it wasnt planned, but we had our meetings in the same building, and we happened to have the same message prepared for our districts. Afterwards, we went with Hna Olvera and Hna Velasquez so they could show us a part of our area that changed (the area boundaries recently changed)

wednesday- we kind of just explored and contacted the new part of our area :)

Thursday- My comps foot started to really bother him, so we couldnt really work. We just went out to a few important appointments, and to show aliaga and langi their new area.

Friday- because of foot pain, no work

saturday- All day service :) cool but lame :P We finished at 3 (we helped a member as a zone to cut their super super tall grass with machetes.) and after we had ward mission correlation. and made goodbye tacos for hna Olvera.

Sunday- Pte. Current came to speak in sacrament :) it was cool. In church they did a special missionary work activity in 3rd hour... Guess who was in charge?? THE MISSIOARIES. When did they tell us?? during the opening hymn for 3rd hour... ofi... and in front of our mission president xD dang members.... oh well :) Between the 4 of us we made it work :) 

Monday- today... we hiked cerro Cabra as a zone :) it was super fun :) I love hiking :) I miss it a ton... going backpacking and stuff. soon ill be able to do it a ton again :)

anyways.. thats my week... next week i can report to you on my son :) yall have a great week! Love yall!

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