Thursday, February 12, 2015

Feb 9 - La Chorrera

well :) this week. I dont have anything super special to share XD other than the fact that for every bug bite that goes away, like 3 replace it. its crazy!

well, tuesday. Tuesday we were in the temple literally ALL DAY. We got up at 4 am to be able to go with our zone to the temple. I did my first session in spanish! It was super nerve racking but i could understand almost everything. 

After, our ward showed up so we stayed at the temple for the rest of the day. It was pretty fun. We had an investigator come with the ward! super cool! We got to teach him about the temple and the restoration :) super cool.

wednesday... We left the house at 8 so we could give service to our ward mission leader. it is very common here to have a lot of trash and fallen trees and things like that in your yard. we helped groom trees and rake things and clean up trash. It took 3 hours and we still didnt finish completely! it was fun though. 

Thursday... Thursday was a little rough. All of our appointments fell through. and everyone we planned to visit was gone. It was a rough day and satan got a hold of me and a felt homesick. I said a prayer that I would be strengethened and be able to endure. We went to our dinner appointment and the family and I had a great conversation :) it helped distract me and it was nice to be able to talk about something that i knew about (Even in spanish) Tender Mercies of the Lord :) it also helped my confidence with the language

Friday- basically... in the mornings... I am cleaning our house little by little. Its super dirty from elders who havent cleaned the house for at least the last 6 months. so... friday was the kitchen. the dishes have been there since before I got there. There were plants growing from the drain! How crazy! I opened a container, to clean it, and it was crawling with maggots so I had to make an emergency trip to the laundry washing sink to flush it because there is more water pressure out back. It was nasty!

... and then tragedy struck. I yanked it back up, to see it, and bumped the water spicket and.. it broke. We went through the rest of that day with no running water (this was before we showered)

the dueƱo de la casa was super nice and repaired it without charging us.. I think it was already broken. 

We also had a zone meeting. It was super exciting to see the new members of our zone! We have one brand new gringa... her spanish makes me more confident (i feel bad but its true) 

saturday- we really just did more service

sunday- I had a mosquito bite on my eyebrow that i scratched and it got infected... will be pictures.. 

Monday- today we went to the cascades! they are basically small waterfalls :) it was nice to be able to talk in english :) 

sorry im like out of time! love yall! thank you for all thr prayers and everything :)

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